Restoration & Construction Services
» in Gonzales, LA

Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction offers many great services in the Gonzales, LA area. We are the restoration and construction experts. We do professional elevation and home or business leveling. With 35 years of experience as a turn key contractor, you can count on us to get the job done.

Elevation and Leveling

elevated and leveled home

As a turn-key contractor, Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction has the capability to elevate your structure to the required elevation. We work with an engineering firm for professional results to develop a plan to insure your structure meets all codes and regulations.



Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction is capable of handling your utility disconnects and reconnects for you. This includes electricity, water, gas, and landline phones.



We also disconnect, reconnect, and reroute plumbing for your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and outdoor faucets.

Deck, Stairs, and Rails

decks, stairs and rails

Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction is capable of handling the construction of any decks, stairs, railings, or landing to suit your needs.

Engineered Plans

engineered plans

The elevation or raising of an existing home in an important way to reduce damage from possible future flooding. It can reduce flood insurance needs and increase the value of your structure. Elevation can also prevent tremendous inconvenience and suffering. We know you have suffered enough and will treat you as you would want to be treated.



Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction is prepared to remove existing piling and concrete, install pilings, bracings, hurricane straps, and add new concrete foundation. SRC will form, pour, and finish concrete to meet wind loads as required as well as handling fill materials and grade yard to complete your project.



Schexnaydre Restoration & Construction has the experience and skill to handle your project in a professional manner.